Lodging & Grooming

Find out more about our boarding services and how we make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible.



Boarding Services 

We know how stressful it can be to leave your pet in the care of someone else while you
are out of town, so let the professionals handle it! We have separate lodging facilities
for birds, small mammals, and reptiles so that everyone’s stay can be as stress free as
possible. Our staff is well trained in the care and handling of all exotic animals. All animals
are tended to daily, and their care is overseen by our veterinarian. We will provide enclosures,
food, toys, and anything else your pet needs, though you are welcome to bring your own
as well. Any special instructions you have for your pet will be handled by our staff, as we want
your pet’s stay to be as comfortable and as close to home as possible. If your pet is staying
with us over the holiday season, we can arrange for your pet to receive a special toy or treat
on the holiday morning! Just ask a staff member for details.



We provide grooming services for all species that we treat. This includes nail trims
for all species, along with wing trims for birds, and beak trims for birds, turtles,
and tortoises. We will also give baths to birds and small mammals, along with some
hair cutting and shaving for small mammals. Hoof trims, tusk trims, and ear
cleaning can also be done for mini pigs.