Dental Care

Carnivores such as ferrets can develop gingivitis, infection, and tooth loss from a buildup of plaque and calculus on their teeth just like dogs and cats. Certain reptiles such as a bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons, and chameleons can too. We can provide recommendations on how to prevent this and can clean teeth under anesthesia when necessary.

For rabbits and rodents, dental problems are common, as they have teeth that continuously grow throughout their life. Many factors can lead to teeth that don’t meet and occlude properly. This can lead to points developing that rub the cheeks or tongue, or diseased teeth developing abscesses and infection.

Our vet is well trained in handling dental problems of all small mammals, routinely performing tooth trims, extractions, and even surgery when needed. We also provide aftercare and counseling on how to take care of an animal with dental disease and how to keep them healthy and happy!