Surgical Services Using State-Of-The-Art Technology

To most people, surgery can sound like a scary option for their pet. At AEAHG, we are pet owners too; we know that your pet is a member of your family. You can rest assured that your pet will receive treatment from staff members who are highly trained and skilled at performing safe and effective surgical procedures for the specific needs of exotic pets.

Most of our patients here are very small, which adds additional challenges, and we have specialized surgical instruments designed for working on our small patients. We use specialized heating pads to keep them warm during surgery. Just like a human hospital, we have special monitoring equipment to measure heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing. The gas we use for anesthesia is very safe for exotic pets, as it allows them to go to sleep quicker, wake up faster, and allows us to adjust the level of anesthesia they need quickly during surgery.

We want to make sure that surgery is as low stress, pain free, and as safe as possible for your pet. Whether it is a spay, neuter or a more complicated procedure, your pet will be in good hands.