Wellness visits are important for reptiles too!

Posted by Dr. Stacey Wilkinson


Did you know that reptiles should have yearly check ups just like dogs and cats? We also recommend fecal exams to check for internal parasites.  Parasites can sometimes be present without the animal showing any symptoms.   Baseline bloodwork is important as well to establish what is normal for that animal while they are healthy so we have something to compare to if they do get sick.  There can be a lot of variation in reptile bloodwork based on the time of year, age, and gender of the animal.  Plus there aren't as many normal values out there to compare to, especially for certain species.    Give us a call if you'd like to set up an appointment!  We offer special rates for large collections too!

Helping wildlife get back where they belong

Posted by Dr. Stacey Wilkinson

On Monday, our neighbors at Godley Station Animal Hospital found an injured finch outside their hospital.  They brought him over to us, and it looked like he'd had a trauma to his eye.  We cleaned him up, started him on some antibiotics, and set him up with food and water.  The poor little guy was SO hungry, he began eating and drinking immediately!  

After a few days in the hospital with some TLC, he was as good as new.  We were able to release him back to the wild, and he was all too ready to go!  Not all injured wildlife get this chance, so a big thank you goes out to the employees at Godley Station who brought him over.  We love to help wildlife when we can, and it's even better when we have a happy ending!!  

If you ever find wildlife you believe is injured or orphaned, please call us or a licensed wildlife rehabber in your area.